An Artists Space

   Frances Bacon’s Studio in 1974 – now restored as a museum piece at the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin Francis Bacon was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his…Continue Reading →

Rooms with a View

• My Room by John Thackeray – In 2010, John Thackwray started his long-term photographic project, the “My Room Project”. The…


Bo Bartlett Artist

• As part of his ongoing series “Making Art” (, director and filmmaker Jesse Brass ( of Brass Brothers Films…


4th Industrial Revolution

  In contrast to previous industrial revolutions, today’s fourth industrial revolution is a fusion of physical, digital and biological disciplines. Self-driving cars, mobile supercomputing, artificially-intelligent robots, genetic editing, and neuro-technological…Continue Reading →

Desert Cosmonauts

What is Burning Man…? • It depends on who tells you, and how it’s told. It depends on whether it’s…


How to Create

  Sonia gives insight into translating thoughts and ideas into beautiful works of art. SUBSCRIBE to SoulPancake THE SPOONFUL,…


Happy Girl

 Sometimes the face we show to the world isn’t really how we’re feeling inside. SoSonia explores the ups and downs of mental illness in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Published on…Continue Reading →


  After leaving school and my home in Indonesia, I have been on an amazing new journey. Yes, I’m traveling…


Growing Up

  •  I am growing up. And while I do have to learn how to take care of myself on…


Simply Einstein

• relativity can be understood easily enough whether you have a scientific background or not. it may give you a better idea of how time and space function not as…Continue Reading →

Food & Cancer

  • The question is, are people willing to change their diets? are doctors ready to work in preventative care…


The Human Swarm

• It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion—and only 200 years to reach 7 billion.…