In contrast to previous industrial revolutions, today’s fourth industrial revolution is a fusion of physical, digital and biological disciplines. Self-driving cars, mobile supercomputing, artificially-intelligent robots, genetic editing, and neuro-technological brain enhancements, we are currently experiencing both economic and industrial changes at exponential speed.This documentary was directed by Marta Chierego for The World Economic Forum.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a documentary made for The World Economic Forum ( Directed by Marta Chierego ( Title Sequence: Breeder Cinematography: Javier Gesto, Gus Sacks, Marta Chierego Additional footage shot by: George Lyon, Autumn Eakin Edited by Fernando Guariniello, Marta Chierego Original Music Composed by Mira Calix Color Grading: El Colorado, Madrid Sound Mixing: Silk Studios, London Published on YouTube Oct 3, 2016

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