TRANSITION GARDEN, BLOOM FESTIVAL 2017 Bloom Festival is a garden&food festival taking place every year in Phoenix Park (the biggest park in Europe) in Dublin, Ireland. The show is dedicated to the Irish garden designers and the local food producers, it is supported by Bord Bia – Irish Food Board. It’s a very popular festival bringing people from all around Ireland to enjoy the garden design and food from the local food producers. If you intend to visit it you have to be well prepared, what I mean by that is to have your clothes prepared for all kinds of weather as it changes frequently at this time, comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking to do. Basically, preper yourself the same way as if you were going hiking 😉 Many years ago I had the privilege to work for this year winners (and the winners of previous years) Oliver & Liath Schurmann. I spent a couple of years working with them in their Mount Venus Nursery and ever since became very enthusiastic about plants and gardening, but that’s the effect they had on me 🙂 Before that, I’ve never paid much attention to plants and flowers … gardening was something my mother did. TRANSITION GARDEN Is inspired by the couple’s fisherman cottage in Connemara (the district in western Ireland, facing the Atlantic). Transition garden captures the atmosphere of the district that has influenced so many Irish painters over the years. Oliver says: (…) you have the feeling that when the person isn’t living there, well the storm is just gonna blow it away and the landscape is going to live on. We created an atmosphere, an atmosphere where the eye travels slowly, wanders through the garden, doesn’t really know where to stop looking. Once we achieve that we feel at home in the garden And it is true, you just wanted to stay around the garden and meditate without realising it. The relaxing sound of the running stream and the sound of soft wind blowing … it was hypnotising and so peaceful 🙂 I would like to remember how the garden made me feel when I was looking at it, so I can go back to that moment when I need to. Click for a full interview with Oliver Schurmann and his gardening tips on lighting, perspective and water in the garden in The Independent.