Graffiti Details

A very graphic collection of details and scenes featuring street graffiti – sprayed, stencilled, painted, carved and chipped. Captured over various visits to Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, and other cities around…Continue Reading →

The Future of Fabric

The Textifood exhibition originated from the project Futurotextiles and was dedicated to innovative fabrics. The exhibition originated from the project Futurotextiles and…


The Next Black

  • The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing ‘The Next Black’ is a documentary film…


Future of Fashion

 • i-D journeyed back to 2013 to look at conversations then, about changes in technology, and the effects these will have…


Design and the Self

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by bad design — from airplane seats that distort our posture to aesthetically inelegant cars… Design and the Self Everywhere we go, we are surrounded…Continue Reading →

Designer Resolutions

In an exciting and ever-evolving industry, the possibilities for better, great design seems limitless. Read these designer’s comments about the…


Designing Your Life

 Authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans discuss their new book (Designing Your Life), which shows you how to build–design–a life…