A Time Traveller's Log

Time Traveller Who Went to The Year 2749 Reveals All… Check Out the Online Store: https://amplex-live.myshopify.com/  –  Loads of Unique Gadgets & Tech up for Grabs! Find us on Social Media:…Continue Reading →

Something to Take Seriously

Global Climate – Political Climate Starr Forum lecture at MIT with Noam Chomsky on climate change and President Trump. •…


Extinction By 2030?

 • There’s No Tomorrow was uploaded to highlight the overwhelming amount of scientific information pointing towards human extinction by 2030.…


Fewer Cars More Life

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars Modern cities are designed for cars. But the city of…


The Next Black

  • The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing ‘The Next Black’ is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. Watch as we meet…Continue Reading →

Future of Fashion

 • i-D journeyed back to 2013 to look at conversations then, about changes in technology, and the effects these will have…