Poor Kids Tell

Poor Kids (Documentary) – Real Stories * 3.5 million children are growing up in poverty in the UK. It’s one of the worst rates in the industrialised world and successive…Continue Reading →

Uke Original

Can’t get enough of the ukulele – and this is one of the best Hawaiian players – it’s amazing. •…


Something to Take Seriously

Global Climate – Political Climate Starr Forum lecture at MIT with Noam Chomsky on climate change and President Trump. •…


World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day – 23 March 2017 Clouds play a pivotal role in weather forecasts and warnings. They help to…


Play with Particles

Play with your particles – A wee distraction from the rigidity of life – http://particle-love.com


Water is Cool

Here’s why staying hydrated is basically the easiest thing you can do to improve your physical and mental health. –…


Is Science Important?

Science is Important when we need to know how a fungus or infection can mutate or evolve, and become  resistant to antibiotics, and in some cases stealthily kill young and old seeming…Continue Reading →

We are One

• Young Irish Muslims talk about growing up in Ireland, Islamophobia and choosing to wear the hijab Read more: http://on.irishtimes.com/BEQPiIp


Writing with Sparky

Are you interested in writing or contributing to Sparky, or writing blog posts or articles for any online publication or platform?…