Ukulele & Cello

Jake and guest artist Joshua Nakazawa, from the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, take us on the most entertaining ride as they perform the original composition Galloping Seahorses. For more information about…Continue Reading →


Take a few minutes to calm yourself with this particular sunrise – watch for the special moments.


Julie B Wild

Here’s a Sparky friend for whom music has changed her life in a magnificent way. From a steady career in…


Moving Tunes

COMMENT; ‘You know, this guy came into my scope just at the right time.  With all the ugly stuff going on in the world and particularly the U.S. I have…Continue Reading →

Uke Original

Can’t get enough of the ukulele – and this is one of the best Hawaiian players – it’s amazing. •…


Real Cheerleaders

These 2 will cheer you right up – amazing and beautiful in many ways • This song is originally done by…


Ambient Sounds

• Ambiance Sparky collects ambient sounds and moods from different environments – just for fun. Good for meditation or creating…


Santana Soul Sacrifice

Santana – Soul Sacrifice 1969 “Woodstock” Live Video HQ • Santana – Soul Sacrifice (Album 1969) Woodstock Music Festival 1969,…


Duelling Banjos

DUELING BANJOS ~ Guitar & Banjo Song ~ Deliverance WAIT FOR IT! The Dueling Banjos scene from the 1972 American…


Crankin’ Up

  • Crankin’ Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar! •Justin Johnson Signature 3-String Shovel Guitar Available HERE:… •Justin Johnson MUSIC &…