Waiting for Godot with English & Arabic Subtitles • Waiting for Godot (/ˈɡɒdoʊ/ god-oh[1]) is a play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives, and while waiting they engage in a variety of discussions and encounter three other characters.[2] Waiting for Godot is Beckett’s translation of his own original French play, En attendant Godot, and is subtitled (in English only) “a tragicomedy in two acts”.[3] The original French text was composed between 9 October 1948 and 29 January 1949.[4] The premiere was on 5 January 1953 in the Théâtre de Babylone, Paris. The English language version was premiered in London in 1955. In a poll conducted by the British Royal National Theatre in 1990 it was voted the “most significant English language play of the 20th century”.[5] – Source: Wikipedia with thanks – Remember, Wikipedia is run and produced by volunteers so remains free with no advertising – please consider a donation, are, medium or small. –  Video published on YouTube Jul 19, 2015 Film & Animation – Standard YouTube License You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
World Meteorological Day – 23 March 2017 Clouds play a pivotal role in weather forecasts and warnings. They help to drive the water cycle and the entire climate system. Throughout history, they have inspired artists, poets, musicians, photographers and countless other enthusiasts. Understanding Clouds is the theme of World Meteorological Day 2017 to highlight the enormous importance of clouds for weather climate and water. Clouds are central to weather observations and forecasts. Clouds are one of the key uncertainties in the study of climate change:  we need to better understand how clouds affect the climate and how a changing climate will affect clouds. Clouds play a critical role in the water cycle and shaping the global distribution of water resources. ¨ On the lighter side, World Meteorological Day will provide an opportunity to celebrate the inherent beauty and aesthetic appeal of clouds, which has inspired artists, poets, musicians, photographers and countless other enthusiasts throughout history. World Meteorological Day marks the launch of a new edition of the International Cloud Atlas after the most thorough and far-reaching revision in its long and distinguished history.  The new WMO Atlas is a treasure trove of hundreds of images of clouds, including a few newly […] Read more
It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. You know exactly what you want to do, but there are endless obstacles in your way. • How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do Source: How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do – The Mission – Medium It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. You know exactly what you want to do, but there are endless obstacles in your way. There is so much competition — thousands or millions of people competing to do exactly what you want to do. – How do you get out of the rat race? How do you advance quick enough to not have your dreams smashed into submission by society and imploded by “reality”? How do you make the needed leaps to move beyond the masses vying for a similar position? After all, you have bills to pay and tons of other responsibilities. You only have a limited amount of time each day. After work and everything else you’ve got going on, it’s easy to justify waiting until tomorrow. Even if you have the raw energy to do your work, you may feel guilty breaking from […] Read more
• The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – National Geographic Climate Related Ideas from National Geographic • You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
Evdokia • Date of release: 1971 Director: Alexis Damianos Music Composition: Manos Loizos Screenplay: Alexis Damianos, John Baldwin Cast: Maria Vassiliou, Koula Agagiotou George Koutouzis Christos Zorbas. Set in early 70’s Greece, in a small provincial town, the film tells the story of Evdokia, a young prostitute, and George, a young soldier, who fall in love and get married, against the bias, conservatism and established values in the society where they live. However, it’s difficult not to get crushed by reality. imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067068/r… Description in English published to YouTube on Aug 5, 2015 • This version published on YouTube – Dec 15, 2016 Ευδοκία – Αλέξης Δαμιανός (1971) eng subs Σκηνοθέτης: Αλέξης Δαμιανός Σύνθεση μουσικής: Μάνος Λοΐζος Σενάριο: Αλέξης Δαμιανός, John Baldwin Ηθοποιοί:Μαρία Βασιλείου, Κούλα Αγαγιώτου, Γιώργος Κουτούζης, Χρήστος Ζορμπάς. Ένας λεβεντόκορμος και μπρούτος λοχίας, ο Μπάσκος (Γιώργος Κουτούζης), γνωρίζει σε μια ταβέρνα μια μοναδικής ομορφιάς και ζωικότητας πόρνη, την Ευδοκία (Μαρία Βασιλείου) και την ερωτεύεται. Εκείνη τον ξεχωρίζει απ’ τους άλλους άντρες κι αρχίζει να κάνει παρέα μαζί του, αλλά ο προστάτης κι αγαπητικός της (Χρήστος Ζορμπάς) αντιδρά βίαια. Ο σύντομος ερωτικός δεσμός των δύο νέων οδηγείται σε ποικίλες αμφιταλαντεύσεις. Όταν όμως ο λοχίας απολύεται και είναι έτοιμος να ριχτεί […] Read more
• Explore how a new generation is keeping Turkey’s centuries-old culinary traditions alive in a modern world. • – Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe – Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish – Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera – Check out our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/ Published by Al Jazeera on YouTube – Jan 1, 2016   You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
  • A Short Walk in Istanbul (Bazaar) Published on YouTube by keezi walks – Aug 3, 2014   You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
https://www.nationalcircus.org.uk/home You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
  Beach Yoga Lessons? Published on YouTube Jul 23, 2015   You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
  This is where Sparky comes from. Sant Pol de Mar is a municipality in the comarca of Maresme in Catalonia, Spain. It is located on the coast between Canet de Mar and Calella. • Area: 7.5 km² Elevation: 15 m Weather: 13°C, Wind SW at 18 km/h, 56% Humidity Local time: Sunday 1st January 2017 2:31 PM Population: 4,997 (2014) Instituto Nacional de Estadística Province: Province of Barcelona Points of interest: La Murtra, Platja de la Musclera, Platja de Can Villar, Can Planiol Wikipedia Video Published on YouTube Nov 11, 2015 Vídeo promocional del poble de Sant Pol de Mar. Any 2015 You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Read more
• My Room by John Thackeray – In 2010, John Thackwray started his long-term photographic project, the “My Room Project”. The concept is simple: photographing young men and women who were born in the 80’s and 90’s, in the places they sleep, all around the world, and interviewing them about lifestyle, local issues, education, religion, or love. – It naturally started with John’s friends in Paris, and little by little the project became bigger. More than a thousand candidates from 55 countries have already participated.  Some are rich, some are poor, some live in a traditional way, while some choose the modern lifestyle From a Buddhist temple of Nepal to a Native American  reservation, from a jail in Mexico to Palestinian refugee camps, John is documenting different lifestyle everywhere. – All these photographs are a testimony to the world that surrounds us. Combining visual anthropology and social photography, this conscious project make us aware of the diversity of lifestyles, destruction of our traditions and the rise of inequalities. ROOM#256 – RYOKO – Tokyo – Japan ROOM#829 – SALEH – Riyad – Saudi Arabia ROOM#313 – FHA – Ban Saingam – Thailand ROOM#474 – RAZIEH – Teheran – Iran ROOM#219 – MALEEQ – New York – United States ROOM#348 – ASHA – Bamansemilya – India ROOM#416 – […] Read more
• What is Burning Man…? It depends on who tells you, and how it’s told. It depends on whether it’s your first time or if you are a veteran, if you go alone or accompanied. It even depends on the alignment of the stars that year. This summer, the partners of La Despensa agency, faithful attending the BM for 7 years, decided to take all their staff with them to the desert of Nevada. And as it seemed that there was some more room in the 11 caravans that went to Black Rock City, they decided to invite some more crew to share this adventure with them. Thus I was fortunate to join the group of 51 cosmonauts and tell, with my little camera, how was the experience. Prepare paella in the desert, surviving sandstorms, find the Mayan Warrior at night at La Playa, watching sunrise and sunset and confuse both, feel the magic and energy in the same way that I feel the heat of the sun or cold of the night. All this and much more… paellacosmos.com/ ¿Qué es el Burning Man? …pues depende de quién lo cuente y cómo lo cuente. Depende de si es tu primera […] Read more

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