Sky over Barcelona – Photo: Greville Edwards

Today’s the day to learn the truth about the state of our planet’s climate, and about the real dangers ahead. We can’t ignore the escalating weather and polluton problems around the world.

We need to do more, and immediately, to help bring down the pollution levels, and the over consumption of our planets natural resources, and to ‘stop the block’ of efforts to develop alternatives and solutions to this abuse of those resources.

All to regularly these days, certain people come to power that are intent on discrediting all the scientific evidence that proves how we are quickly killing our planet – regularly lobbying to reduce or dismantle regulatory bodies and rules of transparency and accountability.

Industrial, chemical, land and air transport, food production and processing, power and energy generation – almost everything we do nowadays has some effect on our climate going forward.

Already the statistics and records are showing a rapid deterioration of the environments and weather systems that determine and support the fragile balance of nature that keeps us alive, and in more ways than one.

So even if it’s just to be aware of the true health of our planet, start learning the real facts and available analysis.

Video Source: Global warning: reasons to be (cautiously) optimistic about humans tackling climate change | Environment | The Guardian

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