Here’s a Sparky friend for whom music has changed her life in a magnificent way. From a steady career in publications and graphic design to an amazing singer songwriter, and learning music and guitar in the process – all is a matter of a few years of juggling her old and new skills, Excellent and inspiring to anyone who doesn’t believe they can change their ways to find satisfaction, real dignity, sanctuary and self-worth.

The Album ‘Blue Skin’ is available on iTunes:… Title track of the first EP by Julie B Wild, featuring 5 songs: ‘Blue Skin’*, ‘Oh I Wish I’d Got Me a Super Power, ‘The Red Room’*, I’m in Love wth the Thought of You’, and ‘Goddam Mud’. *Co-written with James House. Recorded in Milford on Sea, Uk, and White Bluff, Tennessee. Produced by Julie B Wild, James House, and Simon Johnson. Mixed by Mills Logan. © 2017 Poolbeg Records

Published on YouTube Jun 29, 2017

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