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Terrific Kinetic Objects Compilation by Piotr Jędrzejewski


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I was born in Poland in Wrocław where I have been working and living ever since.
In June 1985, for the last time in my life, I rode a steam locomotive train although back then I did not realize what an extraordinary moment of my life it was.

I draw inspiration for my work, which is not a surprise really, from various mechanisms and machines. Times have changed and currently, in order to find out how they operate, one needs tools. Despite being equipped with such tools, we may still be unsuccessful in dismantling the mechanism as such. The mechanism is often so small that it is barely visible. A hundred years ago we could often look at some of the most wonderful mechanisms with our own eyes only without the necessity to look into the “heart of the machine”. A steam locomotive is a perfect example of this.

Is it anachronic to be inspired by machines? Maybe yes. Unless it becomes in vogue and is trendy. I try not to be bothered with it, though.

Over the years, I have created many kinetic objects which I presented on different occasions and which served various purposes. Sometimes they were classified as systems art, analytic abstraction, sensibilism or industrial art. However, what I have always wanted to do was to present “my objects”. I have never been very much concerned how my work would be classified. I have never been a part of any trend nor was I a member of any artistic group. Maybe I should just say that I do not have any views but even if I had any I would not agree with them anyway. The end of the world does not bother me at all.

Perpetual Useless

Video published on YouTube Nov 25, 2016


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