Sparky is here to help, and here is a wellbeing page and open forum and offering one-to-one attention via video and/or private live conversation online. On the page we offer guidance and links to mindfulness tools to enable awareness and the prevention of negative perception and thinking that can cause stress, hypertension, or anxieties that affect our daily lives dramatically.

When we are overcome by anxious thoughts that affect our quality of life –  we can learn how to lessen, manage and ‘flip’ the effects of negative thinking into positive feelings of self-confidence, self-esteem, wellbeing and mindfulness through knowledgeable, guided, and open conversation.

The online consultations are private, safe, and personal experiences that will help re-balance the mind and body. These appointments also provide advice and guidance on how to balance wellbeing with the demands and challenges of daily life and simply being a good human.

Through observation and query, a participant’s daily activities, perceptions, and relationships are considered and examined without judgment. By using self-awareness and self-care tools and practices participants experience and develop a ‘knowledge’ of themselves, and discover how to nurture positive change within while negotiating a constantly changing world. 

Preparedness of experience – Awareness – Transience acknowledged – Understanding sleep chemistry, activities, and patterns – Anti-inflammatory diet and fitness level – Logical and open organisation – Observation – Appreciation 


U&I – May we be well …