Plastic Oceans

• The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – National Geographic Climate Related Ideas from National Geographic • Spread the love


Are you woke yet?

Asleep? Awake? …. or just Bored? – Photo: Greville Edwards • – WOKE – Hey, you don’t have to tell…


Global Warning

Sky over Barcelona – Photo: Greville Edwards • Today’s the day to learn the truth about the state of our planet’s…


Ambient Sounds

• Ambiance Sparky collects ambient sounds and moods from different environments – just for fun. Good for meditation or creating atmosphere. _   _ _ _ _ _ _ Ambience…Continue Reading →

Start with the Why

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question…


The Great Dictator

Sparky feels impelled to reshare this movie speech from Charlie Chaplin – one of the most stirring ‘calls to action’…


Not on your own

As an old man, I can say this again. Start where you are and realise you are not meant on your own to resolve all of these massive problems. My…Continue Reading →

Are you safe online?

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