Close Comfort

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When we look more closely at our colourful friends underfoot, we can discover a wonderful world of pattern, spectacular hues and strange relationships between plants and creatures. Most vegitation is in a state of constant change, quite fast in relation to us humans. A season of 3 months can be the birth and death of a plant, and even in that lifetime the glory days are shorter, flowering, seed and pollen generation and transfer to the visiting pollinators.

Enjoy the images and please use the picture show for meditation or healing, or just for the joy of it.

Time to Fly – Frankie M

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Sparky dedicates this picture show by Frankie Malone to Frank Moylett – 16 years old, who suddenly left this world not long ago. A short but very worthy life worth celebrating – Godspeed Frank, and please help guide us as we carry on learning to live with ourselves.

Captured 14th May 2015 at Barcelona Airport – by Frankie Malone

Best Viewed on desktop or laptop screen – ok on tablets but only details on mobiles.

A selection from an immersive and brooding series of abstract images of the runways at BCN, every image has value in it’s own right, and when brought together in sets, can stimulate a variety of moods and pensive observation – the symmetry, tone and graphic composition is masterful – Sparky

‘I took these pictures in a 3 hour period from a plane at Barcelona Airport while delayed on a flight to Ireland to pay respects to my Nana, as she had died a couple of days beforehand.  I feel almost closer to her now that she has passed away, just like my Grandfather before her.  Time To Fly is about death but like death it’s also about birth, or rebirth.’ – Frankie Malone

If you would like to purchase a limited edition, and elegantly bound, photo-book of this work please contact Frankie via his website.