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Psychotherapy in Film

By way of movie and television reviews, we examine the social guidance and ethics presented in visual storytelling, relating back to times when ‘media’ was confined to books, radio and theatre of some kind or another. Sparky has noticed a strong uplift in social awareness content in film and TV selections and categories on Netflix, as an example of a growing trend to showcase important social messages relevant to our rapidly developing global societies, and has perceived a need to re-examine our social ethics in the light of accelerating change and the coercion to ‘standardise’ and automate in line with technological advances and the influence of large controlling corporations and governments.

Upcoming reviews with psychological
observations in critically acclaimed movies.

These movies are elected to start a discussion on the social issues raised in these film and TV productions if you would like to add your own psycho review or comment generally, without trolling or begrudging without having watched the complete movie or TV series.

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