Tanz im August 2016 – 28. International Festival Berlin “Celui qui tombe” by Yoann Bourgeois / CCN2

 Yoann Bourgeois

Acrobat, actor, juggler, dancer, Yoann Bourgeois is above all a player. He directs the CCN2-National Choreographic Center of Grenoble, alongside Rachid Ouramdane since 2016. He is accompanied since 2012 by the BNP Paribas Foundation for the development of his projects.


Yoann Bourgeois grew up in a small village in the Jura. At Cirque Plume school, he discovers games of vertigo. A graduate of the National Center for Circus Arts, which he alternates with the National Center of Contemporary Dance, he collaborates with Alexandre Del Perrugia, and Kitsou Dubois for weightlessness research. He then becomes permanent artist of the National Choreographic Center of Rillieux-la-Pape, company Maguy Marin. In 2010, he began his own creative process. Accompanied by Marie Fonte and other accomplices, he initiated the Atelier du Joueur, a nomadic resource center for the show. This workshop immediately lays the foundations of what will become the Yoann Bourgeois Company. This is how Cavale is born, a duet that provokes, through vertigo, an eternal dimension of the ephemeral.
A first cycle of creation then begins around great musical works to work the “figure” (classical element of Circassian writing), allowing this new writing of the circus to emancipate itself from the tyranny of the “spectacular” “. This cycle gives birth in 2010: The fugues (numbers presenting the report of a man and an object), then The Art of the Fugue, and Wu-Wei. That same year, the company augurs the C.I.R.C (International Center for Circassian Research) which aims to establish a genealogy of acrobatic gesture.
In 2014, a second cycle of creations aims to radicalise his artistic gesture. He deepens dramaturgy in its etymological sense: a weaving of actions. There is then a particular interest in the body / force relationship as an inexhaustible source of drama. This search gives birth to Him who falls and MIDNIGHT.
Since then, Yoann has pursued a solitary search around devices that amplify physical phenomena. This constellation is a search for life, a process of permanent creation, which he names: attempts to approach a point of suspension. The whole of this production nourishes the different fields which solicit it: opera, cinema, music video, concert, theater, circus, etc …
These numerous projects, in various forms, express the incessant desire to embrace and experience the living under its many faces. His life is dedicated to living art.

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