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Find Solace in Sparky :
In the Beginning was the Word

We are a disorganized, gullible, and spoilt species – and yet as the dominant sentient animal and preditor on earth, everything seems to go our way, by expectation and default.

Our potential and sources of satisfaction through responsibility and opportunity know no bounds and almost anything seems possible once we are determined enough.

But then, we are stupefied by glittery things and confidence tricks, and flock towards narcissistic despots and deceivers among us that call themselves our friends and protectors.

But here also is hope, and the hopeful, with ways and skills to recognize and act on opportunity. Chances for us to change ourselves and our world for the better. When so many belief systems are failing and are seriously disrupted, in the face of impending doom or disorder, it is at times like this when we must rise to action and engagement, as human evolution is threatened by so many world-changing challenges to our communities, economies, cultures, mental health and ways of life and living together.

Being asleep while being awake while being asleep …

How and why it is important to understand the relationship and consequences day-to-day.

What do we know, so far, about sleep, it’s actually a really important aspect of daily life that we should be fully aware of and attend to, nurture and protect, to the point of becoming second nature and exercise best practise in both our conscious and sub-conscious states.

First, some simple things to know and remember ….


“I had a dream, and it became reality”

The Age of Stupid

We are in the ‘Age of Stupid’ – and humanity is at the point when basic survival instincts kick in, as we are challenged, and struggling with an unfathomable force of natural disruption and a state of global imbalance in pre-existing natural processes. Community responses though are triggering ongoing consequences for our mental health, our community spirit, self-care and general wellbeing.

The relationship between humanity and nature requires immediate recalibration – once that balance is corrected, by responsible behaviour and shared common knowledge, we can, after careful management and appropriate response, proceed to live in harmony with our environment. Appreciating, helping, learning and enjoying life individually and together within connected communities. This is our chance to shine, but first, we must absorb the light of wisdom, appreciation, empathy and experience.

And for humanity’s sake, pass on the hope and try practising small acts of kindness whenever possible

…  stay tuned, these words will change as time passes and we proceed …

Thought of the day

Sociological Perspective – there are usually only two ways of perceiving or considering any sociological circumstance or situation. It is simply either a negative or a positive perception and response when the individual and/or the community is under threat.

Human nature, being what it is, usually tends toward the negative, as in our current state of uncertainty and confusion, the ‘fight or flight’ response, finding someone or something to blame, fear and anger at the unknowable (the worse and most disruptive) all are triggered by challenging events within our communities causing confusion and conflict in the wider community. We should be more aware of these states of mind and use that collective mental ‘energy’ to manage the issues at hand.

Finding logical, philosophical and psychological perspective from similar and/or historical reference can help – in other words ‘look before we leap’ or acting with empathy rather than fear. Consider this before losing hope, or descending into denial or anger. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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Good Discipline for Humankind

Bear witness
  Be aware of your surroundings – Engage with your experience  – Respect man and nature
Set an example 
 Be yourself – Consider your actions – Be humane
Be of service
  Know and share your skills – Share your knowledge and resources – Offer your worth to others
Be of Good Cheer 
 Discover the easy joy in small things – Enjoy satisfaction in good practice –  Find happiness in kindness

Mankind needs new mantras to share and practise – here are just four
- ideally, we choose our own to achieve individual satisfaction and completeness

Our Basic Instincts

At times like these, our body and mind go into a state of high alert. We feel it as a tingling sensation in fingers and hands, toes and feet, and in many cases accompanied by cold sweats and heightened sensitivity to ordinary sounds and sudden encounters. Perceptions of daily events and circumstances become stressful.

This condition seems to activate a dormant mental capacity to recognise sensory anomalies and our immune system responds with little spasms and a feeling of nervousness in parts of our body and head, this is our common metabolism preparing to protect us, and this can cause confusion, anxiety and the ‘fight or flight’ response in our minds and bodies.

We need to recognise for ourselves this ‘heightened awareness’ as an appropriate response and use its energy to help ourselves and those around us to manage and understand the mental anguish and awaken those natural abilities to respond appropriately – the feelings of anxiety and panic can be ‘flipped’ and become positive energy that can help motivate, strengthen resolve and provide appropriate easing and repair.

Calmness and meditation while managing these challenges can be simply achieved by thoughtful easy walks in wide-open green spaces, breathing clean air deeply wherever possible, and connecting with nature as often as is possible.

…  stay tuned, these words will change as time passes and we proceed …

A study in Human Geography

Human geography or anthropogeography is the branch of geography that deals with humans and their communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment by studying their relations with and across locations.[1] It analyzes patterns of human social interaction, their interactions with the environment, and their spatial interdependencies by application of qualitative and quantitative research methods.[2][3]

There is a common social trend sweeping the world we are calling ‘division’ and it’s always someone else’s fault – it is caused by many different circumstances and situations brought about by our own behaviours and thoughts and misconceptions about culture, nationalism, the individual and our relationship with the ‘natural world’ … it has defined our past, present and future human rights and freedoms, the pursuits of economic growth and our ideas on ‘quality of life’ itself – it’s as if human nature in its current state is just not capable of understanding our evolutionary process – and making good of the opportunities and potential. As humans in our ‘own’ modern world we want and demand ideals that are not appropriate to our needs, our common hopes and dreams, and the communities we define ourselves as …

The Pole  The German The Brit The French The Italian The Irish – The American The Latino The Scot The Northern Irish The Welsh – The Filipino The Hawaiian The South Korean The North Korean The Slovak The Greek The Russian The Ukrainian The Lithuanian The Polynesian the Austronesian  The Ethiopian The Kenyan The Chadian The South African The Alaskan The Canadian The Norwegian  The Swede The Dane The Greenlander  The Icelander  The Dutchman The Belgian   The Australian The Chinese  The Colombian The Mexican The Spaniard – The Portuguese – The Brazilian The Catalonian The Valencian The Gypsy The Nomad

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