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sensible | ˈsɛnsɪb(ə)l | adjective 1 done or chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit: I cannot believe that it is sensible to spend so much | a sensible diet.

(of a person) possessing or displaying prudence: he was a sensible and capable boy.
(of an object) practical and functional rather than decorative: Mum always made me have sensible shoes.

archaic readily perceived; appreciable: it will effect a sensible reduction in these figures.

(sensible of/to) able to notice or appreciate; not unaware of: we are sensible of the difficulties he faces.


sensibleness | ˈsɛnsɪb(ə)lnəs | noun ORIGIN late Middle English (also in the sense perceptible by the senses):
from Old French, or from Latin sensibilis, from sensus (see sense).