The Musical Slave – “NO PLAN” (a song about a horse yard in Dublin)

In a part of Dublin known as the Liberties – which is also where the Vikings settled 1000 years ago – there is a small community of rebel horse-owners. And a few years ago, a travelling street musician who goes by the name of “The Musical Slave” accidentally crashed her van into the wall of one of their urban horse yards – and out came a horse and a few boys. One of them brought her for a spin with a horse and two-wheeler, and from that day on she was hooked. She ended up buying her own horse and moving him into the yard …

The Musical Slave is a street musician and storyteller from Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. She plays tropical punk, and sings about love, the forces of nature, and the world economy.

VIDEO CREDITS Director/Editor: Kristin Vollset Co-Directors: Sean O´Connor & Ryan Brannigan Line Producer: Des O´Reilly Location Managers: Mark O´Dwyer & John Behan Camera: Paula Rouse, Denis Miranda, Ray Beggan, Kjersti Aarstein, Jason McNamara, Eddy Ifeanyichukwu, Kristin Vollset © 2016 Up Your Hole Productions

MUSIC CREDITS Music production: Jørgen Træen at Duper Studio Vocals, Guitar, Synth: The Musical Slave Drums: Magnus Skylstad Male vocals: Ryan Brannigan, Sean O´Connor, Shane Murray, & Thomas Butler, recorded at Sun Studios © 2016 Freed Slave Records

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Published on YouTube Dec 1, 2016

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