Forgiveness, what does it really mean? If you ask for forgiveness, do you lose the upper hand?
On Science of Happiness, we get selfish for minute, and find out what’s in it for you.
Published on YouTube Oct 29, 2013

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Created by: Mike Bernstein and Matt Pittman
Directed by: Mike Bernstein
Producer: Matt Pittman
Hosted by: Julian Huguet

Cinematographer: Greg Cotten
Production Designer: Flower Cole

Editor: Casey McClelland
Production Manager: Hudson Sheaffer
Production Coordinator: Justin Mito

Participants: Ryan Canney, Brian Tran, Christine Lozano, Trey Albright, Alice Cantwell, Caroline Gayle

B Cam Op: Richie Yau
1st AC | DIT: Allen Chodakowski
Gaffer: Ben Cumming
Art Director: Marcy Silver
Makeup: Taylor Tompkins
On Set Sound Mixer: Ben Adams
Post Sound Designer & Mixer: Matt Schwartz
VFX & Title Sequence: Cameron Clark
Colorist: Trevor Durtschi


All songs by Lullatone, check them out! http://www.http://lullatone.bandcamp….

“Songs that spin in circles” by Lullatone
“A merry go round in the park” by Lullatone
“A mobile over your bed” by Lullatone
“Listening to raindrops” by Lullatone
“Knocking on a window” by Lullatone

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