Michio Kaku: The Theory of Everything


Discovering the Theory of Everything would be the crowning achievement of modern science, allowing mankind to master time and space.

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 Published on May 31, 2011

A Comment to the video on YouTube – what do you think?

Or…nothing. Because the Theory of Everything is just like everything else Man thinks up…wild guesses that we make based upon our assumptions that we correctly understand what it is we perceive. We are bugs on a piece of dust floating in a desert so vast, we can’t see the end of it. And yet, we think that because we think things, and then look for observations that confirm our thoughts, that we have “knowledge”, even though that knowledge could be dead wrong. Who is to say gravity even works the way we think it does? What if there’s an unknown force pushing us down, rather than pulling us down? Who is to say that nothing moves faster than the speed of light besides a quark? Who is to say that the Sun is not a living organism? Or that organisms beyond our comprehension live in the center of it? Who said the Universe is 13.8 Billion Lightyears in Diameter? Just because that’s how far we can see, that’s what it must be? Such arrogance. Man knows nothing. We make assumptions like “There is no God.”, “There are no aliens”, “There are other dimensions.” The heck do you REALLY know? I believe in God. But, can I sit here and tell you I know all about him? How he got here? Where he came from? How he did it? NO. Because I don’t know ANYTHING. Other than I was a non-believer that used to think he knew everything until an experience with the Holy Spirit (which I used to think was fake) showed me I knew NOTHING. Man knows nothing. If any man thinks himself wise, he is a fool.
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