Jake and guest artist Joshua Nakazawa, from the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, take us on the most entertaining ride as they perform the original composition Galloping Seahorses. For more information about Jake and where you can purchase his music visit http://www.jakeshimabukuro.com See other videos from Jake: 6/8 – https://youtu.be/AYP219x8lJ8 Bohemian Rhapsody – https://youtu.be/FBemZJFEst4 Dragon – https://youtu.be/yCatXrZnaY0 Visit http://www.hisessions.com to see a complete list of artists, and tune in every week for new videos and updates! Follow HI*Sessions: http://hisessions.com http://www.facebook.com/hisessions http://twitter.com/hisessions

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